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Dr. Daniela Salhuana

Dr. Daniela Salhuana is a veterinarian in Poway.

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Poway Veterinarian

Dr. Daniela Salhuana


Dr. Daniela is a 2020 graduate of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Before veterinary school, she received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. As a veterinary student, Dr. Daniela was the Open House coordinator for the veterinary school all four years she was a student. She received her certification in Fear Free practices during her senior year, which gave her the tools and knowledge to examine, diagnose and treat stressed, fearful and anxious patients.


Dr. Daniela’s path to becoming a veterinarian started when she was a 14-year old girl and was asked to select elective courses for the following year - her first year of high school. A description of a class called Animal Science peaked her interest, so she signed up. We fast forward to that fateful semester in which the class was taken on a field trip to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Open House of 2008. Talking to veterinary students, seeing a variety of animals she had not seen in person before, and the fascination of science told little Daniela that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Once making that grand decision, the rest was history. Throughout high school and college, she never swayed from her dream of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Between sophomore and junior years of high school, she landed her first job as a kennel assistant at a local general veterinary practice. The following summer, right before leaving for university, she worked as a receptionist at the same practice. During her undergraduate degree, she worked at the front desk of the large animal clinic at her university’s veterinary school as an emergency receptionist. Later on, as a veterinary student, she participated in multiple student job programs where she was able to hone her clinical skills, improve her interpersonal communication and grow her love of veterinary medicine.


Dr. Daniela values teamwork when working with her clients and patients. She advocates for improving client education and growing strong working relationships with her clients. Dr. Daniela believes that the clients should be well informed on their decisions when it comes to caring for their beloved pet.


Dr. Daniela recently moved to California and enjoys exploring the city with her 7-year old Doberman mix, Rocco. She also enjoys reading fiction novels, spending time outdoors, and going to her favorite Crossfit gym.

Future Goals

Her interests in the field include preventive care, behavior modification, and surgery. Dr. Daniela also speaks fluent Spanish! She hopes to grow a Spanish-speaking clientele.

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