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Dr. Boyd Ervin

Dr. Boyd Ervin is a veterinarian in Poway. He takes great pride in making a personal connection with clients and their pets to provide a high level of individualized care.

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Dr. Boyd Ervin


Dr. Boyd Ervin is a 2017 graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, rated the #1 veterinary school in the world. Before veterinary school, he received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from UCLA. As a veterinary student, Dr. Ervin served as an Event Coordinator for the Behavior Medicine and Animal Welfare Club, was Treasurer for the Class of 2017, and received the Nestle Nutrition Proficiency Award for outstanding performance in clinical nutrition. He also participated in the first-ever Healer’s Art course at UC Davis, which explored the values of service, healing relationships, reverence for life, and compassionate care.\


Dr. Ervin’s experience with animals stretches back to when he was a young boy in Omaha, Nebraska, where he helped his father care for livestock at the Boys Town Farm. At home, he welcomed a variety of other creatures into the family, including cats, chickens, rabbits, turtles, and frogs, to name a few. Since 2009, Dr. Ervin has worked at all levels of veterinary practice, starting as a volunteer in a small animal clinic. Since then he has held positions as a veterinary assistant, receptionist, and technician, all of which he feels has made him a more well-rounded veterinarian. Throughout veterinary school, he cultivated an interest in animal behavior and focused on learning about methods of behavioral modification beyond the scope of his formal education. Dr. Ervin joined the Best Friends Veterinary team in 2017.


Dr. Ervin takes great pride in making a personal connection with clients and their pets to provide a high level of individualized care. I enjoy educating and empowering my clients to strengthen the bond they have with their pets. 


Dr. Ervin’s partner, Rachel, is a board-certified zoo veterinarian. Together they own one cat (Jiji) and two chinchillas (Pichu and Momo).

Future Goals

Since relocating from northern California, Dr. Ervin is getting to know the San Diego area. He hopes to become a trusted source of medical information and guidance to his clients, especially on behavioral concerns. As a former lead guitarist in a heavy metal band, he continues to hone his skills and would love to return to the stage in his time off!

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